"I have suffered with periodic bouts of severe depression for many years in spite of seeing other well qualified therapists.  When I first met Ann Marie Terry I was again finding everyday life a struggle and was in danger of slipping back into a bad depressive episode but did not want to go back onto medication.  Ann Marie brought her years of experience, infinite patience and understanding to help me both understand the origins of my depression and develop tools that would enable me to manage it, with a view to avoiding the onset of future serious episodes.  Thanks to Ann Marie I have completed and attained my degree, something that thought was impossible.  I can now see a future for myself at last and am starting to have dreams and develop plans for that future.

I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and, if she can make such a difference to a 70 year old woman like me who had all but given up on life, I firmly believe that she can help anyone.

I strongly recommend her to you." (Client)

"Guilt. Resentment. Self-loathing. Self-absorption. Self-pity. Anger. I had become so enmeshed in these traits, this cycle of negative thought and behaviour, that I used to wrap myself in them like a protective winter coat.

I could not remember a time when my head was not full of the constant noise of my own making - as if my depression could be controlled by distraction.

Ann Marie has helped me break these traits slowly but surely.

She has the knowledge, skills and experience which informs but does not dictate. You reach all of your Eureka moments yourself and they stick as a result.

As I type this, now in the unchartered waters of mental calm for the first time in my life to date, I’m astonished at how comfortable with myself I am becoming.

It is a joy. I can feel joy!" (Client)

“Ann Marie Terry has an unassuming demeanour and is a  skilled facilitator. She provided the perfect forum for us, students, to express and share profound feelings. She held these sessions with authenticity, great sensitivity and candour, whilst leading us by example of her own spontaneity and creativity, making the workshop a very enriching experience”. (Psychotherapy Student)